Zed Talk

Founder: Zed zed@zedtalk.online

Admin 1: Slot Available

Admin 2: Slot Available

Tribe Members: 7 slots available

Allied with: No Current Alliances

Discord: https://discord.gg/VtwssjpG4D - Note: Only subscribers, tribe members, and server boosters have access to chat. Allies may be given access to the Allies chat channel.

Servers: Legion Cluster PVE Primal Chaos Island & Scorched Earth

Subscriber Options:

Note: Taxes and fees are taken from the discord subscriptions. If you want to donate / give and bypass these fees simply send the donation manually and we will give you a role that in the name it adds -b and gives you the same access as if you was that level of subscriber.

Supporter: $10 / month: Gives Supporter chat, Supporter updates, 

Supporter +: $15 / month Everything from supporter and adds: Supporter stage and Voice Chat

Super Supporter: $20 / month Everything from Supporter + and adds: Exclusive Content

To give any amount: